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Jason Isherwood

Risk Management and Protective Security Professional

Jason is an Security and Threat mitigation professional with an analytical approach that has covered the last decade. His background and experience enhances his ability to move clients and their assets through hostile and civilized environments. 

His experience also comes from a classical education in Homeland Security/Counterterrorism and Emergency Management. He has conducted key research on vulnerabilities, threats to people, assets, infrastructure, and acts of terrorism. Including conducting covert/overt mobile and static surveillance. 

Jason has also conducted mobile and static maritime surveillance to counter narco-activity for clients and prime contract owners in the Virgin Islands having more than 300 movements and security details for different clients. The movements included an operational package of risk analysis, site surveys, advance movements, arrivals, and departures. 

Jason has a history of asset protection and logistics management where he conducted engineering, security, and safety control measures. Included personal issued gear, high dollar value aircraft parts in Saudi Arabia, client vehicles and weapons in Iraq, documentation and life support equipment in Afghanistan, and privately owned Island-Resorts in the British Virgin Islands. Jason served proudly in the United States Air Force from 1990-1993, and in the US Army from 2006-2018.

Jason Isherwood
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