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James Castle

Public Safety and Emergency Management Professional

James Castle started Terranova Defense Solutions in 2014, in the public safety and emergency management sectors. In 2018, James was requested as a Special Witness before the Tran Committee at the House of Commons, Parliament, in Ottawa, as a subject-matter expert witness in unmanned vehicles and the future of drones in Canada. 

Terranova Defense Solutions was elected as one of Canada’s Top Defense Companies in both 2020 and 2021 and is continuing to advance its technologies and manufacturing abilities globally through the Terranova Defense Group. 

James Castle is the Chairperson (CEO) of Terranova Defense NFP, operating as: Cyber Security Global Alliance (CSGA), specialized in the cybersecurity, cyber defense, cyber education, and awareness, and in cyber certification and compliance and others. 

Cyber Security Global Alliance is working on the creation of key cybersecurity legislation for global deployment with a team of 35 board members from 14-countries globally and rapidly expanding. Some of James Castle’s Achievements in News and Media include: 

  • Vanguard Magazine’s Game Changer in the Unmanned Vehicle Sector (2019)

  • Exclusive in Canadian Defense Review’s Royal Canadian Navy’s Special Edition (2020) 

  • Frontline Magazine Exclusive in Climate Change Partnerships (2020) 

  • Global Release on Cyber Security Global Alliance on Thinkers360 (2021) 

  • Global Thought Leadership and Influencer Awards on Emerging Technologies, Quantum Computing, IoT, Autonomous Vehicles, Smart Cities and Climate Change (2020 and 2021) 

  • Global Thought Leadership and Influencer Top 50 Award for Most Read Article (2021) in Cybersecurity and Ransomware 

James Castle is a Partner and Director of Cybersecurity for the LYNX Business Management Group Inc. (LYNXBMG) which is a Consortium Partnership of Industry Expert Companies providing you & your company with a network of capability and leadership knowledge providing a one-stop-shop to help your organization achieve the proficiencies you need, delivering a systematic approach in aligning your core business objectives to the product being produced. 

James Castle is the team leader that has built a global defense team that includes specialists in a variety of sectors such as cybersecurity, defense, aerospace, space, communications, cyber product manufacturing, and in manufacturing setup and global deployment. James Castle additionally is the Chairperson for Business Live Global, a British Communications and Networking Organization that develops connections, communications, job growth and placement through members and entrepreneurs. 

Cyber Security Global Alliance is the cyber catalyst for this global network, which has radio and broadcasting rights in 15-countries globally. James Castle is a Canadian Ambassador for an EU Commission think tank based in Belgium, representing over 30,000 high-profile technology and defense companies in over 64-countries. James Castle additionally is involved in developing specialized teams for project planning alignment, working with investment and seed funding groups, and with incubator/accelerators. 

James Castle has additionally volunteered in his community with the Waterloo Region Crimestoppers Service on their Board of Directors, who is involved in coordinating recreational programs over the last three years during Covid. He is currently involved as a volunteer taskforce member in UAVs and First Responders with the Canadian Standards Association and participating with SpaceKids Global in the Club For The Future’s Postcards to Space campaign being hosted by Blue Origin for kids K-12 globally and those kids 12-106 as well.

James Castle
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