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Jake Bame

United States
Business Development

Jake specializes in intellectual property crimes with a history of combating both organized crime and financial crimes supporting terror organizations.


Jakes life took a turn when he began working with the Save A Warrior organization as an Ambassador and Shepherd in their Intensive retreat model geared at healing veterans and first responders battling Post Traumatic Stress with a focus on ending the suicide epidemic among our veterans and first responder communities.   


Jake has spent the past five years as a keynote speaker and educator within the PTS awareness space. He is currently championing ending the stigmas associated with PTS in our law enforcement communities and working towards legislation that protects those who serve. 


In 2022 he began work on “Across The Stones’, a documentary highlighting the stories of veterans and first responders battling PTS and shining a light on all of the organizations working to solve this epidemic.


Jake has worked over the past 5 years within the military enlisted and special operator communities, law enforcement critical response and swat communities, as a peer response educator, chaplain, and within the A list celebrity communities.

Jake has a passion for jiujitsu and currently champions Ret. Lt. General Michael Ferriters Jiujitsu program at the National Veterans Memorial & Museum in Ohio.

Jake Bame
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