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At API we employ seasoned and professional investigators that have come from various civilian and governmental positions, including military intelligence, local, state, and federal law enforcement, and private, federal, and international intelligence communities.


We provide discrete and comprehensive solutions for a wide array of clients and problems, including individual specialists with experience in providing solutions for individuals, corporate entities, and government bodies.

At API, our Private Investigation services are tailored to provide individuals with the utmost discretion and peace of mind. Our team of experienced private detectives and investigators specializes in a wide range of services, including background checks, surveillance, and fraud investigations.


Whether you need assistance with uncovering the truth about a potential partner, conducting a thorough asset search, or resolving personal matters, we are here to assist you. With a focus on meticulous research, our team leverages advanced techniques and cutting-edge technology to deliver comprehensive and confidential results that meet your specific needs.


As a trusted Corporate Investigations agency, API understands the unique challenges faced by businesses in today's complex landscape. Our corporate investigation services encompass a wide array of crucial areas, such as litigation support, asset identification and recovery, and fraud investigations.


We work closely with organizations to mitigate risks, uncover potential fraud or misconduct, and protect their assets. Our skilled team of corporate investigators utilizes sophisticated surveillance techniques and conducts meticulous research to provide actionable insights and evidence, empowering businesses to make informed decisions and safeguard their reputations.


We recognize the critical role that Government Agencies play in upholding the law and ensuring public safety. Our dedicated team of investigators specializes in government investigations, handling complex research tasks with the highest level of professionalism and expertise.


We offer a comprehensive range of services, including surveillance, fraud investigations, and asset identification. Our expertise in litigation support ensures that government agencies have the necessary tools and evidence to build strong cases. With a commitment to upholding legal standards and maintaining confidentiality, we work closely with government entities to deliver accurate and timely results, assisting in the pursuit of justice.

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