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Arch City (Columbus Downtown)

175 South Third Street, Suite 218
Columbus, Ohio 43215

Phone: (614) 647-8082
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Restoring hope through finding strategic solutions to the problems our clients are facing.

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To be a global, Tier One Consulting, Training, and Philanthropic organization in the Security and Investigations industry.

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We will always strive to do the Right Things, at the Right Time, the Right Way and for the Right Reasons. 

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October 7, 2022 at 7:00:00 p.m.

Ukrainians strengthen resolve against Russian invasion with small acts of resistance and beauty

Stephen Komorek on Russian invasion PSYOP intended to break Ukrainian morale. Early actions by Russian forces included the bombing of police stations and empty prisons.

September 4, 2022 at 10:00:00 p.m.

Exclusive: Why the Russians started the war by targeting police stations (hint: divide and conquer)

“Attacking law enforcement’s ability to fulfill its function of protecting people was carefully planned. The goal was to create fear within the Ukrainian people. A demoralized population is easier for the invader to control.” - Stephen Komorek

August 29, 2022 at 6:15:00 p.m.

Human Trafficking on Ukraine’s Border

Traffickers specialize in spotting the traumatized and vulnerable.

May 28, 2022 at 7:00:00 p.m.

“Selfless service”: American hero, a Marine who served in Secret Service and the CIA, rescues boy from war-torn Ukraine

Hero, noun: “a person noted for courageous acts or nobility of character”; “a person who, in the opinion of others, has special achievements, abilities, or personal qualities and is regarded as a role model or ideal.”

March 10, 2023 at 12:00:00 a.m.

Global experts launch new enterprise, double down on backing the blue and helping protect Americans

An Interview with API International Consulting Group, President Stephen Komorek

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